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Pro Tip: UNI Business Concierge

Pro Tip: UNI Business Concierge
June 2, 2014 Alyssa Nolte
Pro Tip

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Usually you hear about a Concierge at a fancy hotel and their job is to help you with all your travel and leisure needs. From nightlife to day trips the Concierge has your back and UNI Regional Business Center has created a program to fulfill this role for businesses. The Business Concierge program works to:

answer Iowans’ most pressing business questions via e-mail, online chat, and over the phone.

Here is the most important point that I want to emphasize: this is all for FREE. If you are a small business in Iowa, you have access to this amazing program for free. Now I know you’ve heard the phrase, you get what you pay for. Well it is not the case in this situation. The UNI Regional Business Center employs top-of-the-line researchers to help you with your most pressing problems and we’ve used their services to help point our business in the right direction. They’ve been instrumental in our success.

They can help with all kinds of research from procuring a mailing list to reporting industry trends to researching a competitor’s sales figures. Specifically, they helped us do a landscape analysis for Snapshot when we were trying to decide if this was something we wanted to move forward with. I met with Chelsea and told her our idea, where we thought it could go, and who we thought our competition was. She created a full report for me, outlining our competitors, their pricing structures and deliverables, along with information I didn’t even think to ask for. She also included information about the Market Research industry as a whole for our reference. You can bet we’ll be meeting with Chelsea over the next few months as our Snapshot program continues to grow.

As an affiliate of UNI, they have access to UNI’s databases saving you thousands of dollars and hours of research. With this free and top quality service, it’s a mistake not to check it out. Visit their website by clicking here.



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