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Blog for Your Business

Blog for Your Business
August 27, 2014 Alexa Hansen

Business blogs are booming in the business community, proving to be a very effective market strategy and tool to communicate with customers. The boom of weblogs happened in 1999 when several companies & developers made easy blogging software and tools. Since 1999, the number of blogs on the Internet has exploded from a few thousand to over 100 million. This blog post provides insight on why your company should blog.

1) Blogging helps boost website traffic

What better way to increase traffic on your website than providing frequent content to your viewers via blog posts? By blogging consistently, you’re boosting your SEO by routinely providing fresh content on your webpage. With this in mind, it’s important to include significant keywords within your blog posts to increase traffic. Blogging is extremely beneficial because you’re consistently interacting with customers. Not only will blogging boost traffic for your website, but your social media presence will be strengthened as well. By posting a blog on your website, you’re creating content that people can share across any and all social networks. Blogging is a great way to expose yourself to a new audience, boost traffic and strengthen your social reach.

2) Converts traffic into leads

The ultimate goal of blog writing for your business is to increase website traffic, and in turn increase sales and leads as a result of those blog posts. Blog writers can convert traffic into leads simply by performing a Call to Action (CTA) within their blog post. CTAs are typically a button or image within your blog that links your audience to the “next step” to take action in purchasing your product or service, or finding out more information. Examples of CTAs are “Click here”, or “call now” links or buttons. The overall goal is to insert a CTA into your blog that will effectively prompt your audience to take action and convert your traffic into a lead.

3) Strengthens Customer Trust and Engagement

One of the most important things you can do in sales is establish a trusting relationship with your clients. Blogging is an extremely effective way to communicate and develop this relationship with your customers. By creating quality content, you are building up reputation and respect for your business. Blogging is a method that emphasizes your values and ideas while connecting with your customers. By directly connecting with your audience, you’re building trust through interaction, which will encourage more visitor engagement. The stronger the relationship with your clients, the more trust in your brand they will have.

4) Proven to be an effective Marketing Strategy

Blog writing for business has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy. A combination of social media and blogging provides a number of advantages to your business. Blogging is a tool that you can’t afford to ignore in your marketing strategy. By blogging, you’re cutting back on print, radio and TV advertising efforts and replacing them with a free, valuable online marketing strategy. Consistent blog posts will build your credibility and drive traffic to your website. By giving your company a voice, you’re constantly building authority.


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