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  • 13 Website Must Haves to Influence Voter Decision Making

    We’ve heard the saying, “We live in a technological world, now.” Although some of us may hate that concept, it’s the truth, and we are not escaping it. Everyone has smart phones, laptops, mini tablets, big tablets, smart watches, etc. You get the idea; we have devices all around us. Well,…

    by Makayla Knight
  • Direct Mail Ads for Independent Voters

    Although we are in the 21st century, the era of technology, Direct Mail Ads are coming back. Not only are they coming back, people trust direct mail the most: “56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing” (Carlyle, 2015). Independent Voters Of course, political…

    by Makayla Knight
  • The Super Hero

    Sorry to disappoint but no, I’m not talking about a new Marvel movie. We see a lot of design trends come and go in our line of work. One trend that looks like it’s here to stay is what we call the Super Hero. The Super Hero might also be…

  • cta-promise-marketing-design

    Calls to Action: The Promise and The Consequences

    UX Insight: A CTA is your promise to the customer. If you do not deliver on that promise, you might irreparably harm your image or your brand. The humble call-to-action is a staple in the advertising and marketing world. We create an ask, do our best to catch and direct the…

  • what-is-usability

    What is Usability?

    What is Usability? A common question in the world of User Experience is “What is Usability?”. Where does it fit into the world of UX? The first thing to note is that Usability and UX are not the same thing. Usability is a subset of the entire user experience. So…

  • what-is-user-experince

    What is UX (User Experience)?

    What is UX? It has taken the business world a number of years to fully understand how important user experience (UX) is to everything they build. Now that you can measure and confirm the relationship between good UX and successful websites, UX skills are in high demand. At its heart,…

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